BLOSA responds to institutional and trans-institutional, continental and transcontinental, local and global educational and scholarly imperatives. On the one hand, it draws upon the global proliferation of blended and digital Teaching and Learning initiatives which in turn have promoted both collaborative design and sharing of digital tools and scholarly discussion around such topical issue as the relationship between ‘face-to-face’ and ‘digital’ components in a blended format, the student-empowering potential of digitally enhanced curricula, and even the limitations and shortcomings connected to the development and delivery of technology-mediated pedagogical solutions.

On the other hand, within this global framework, BLOSA values the specificities of the uniquely nuanced South African educational and academic landscapes.

BLOSA aims to remain context-sensitive insofar as it intends to promote ways, both theoretical and pragmatic, to develop digital and blended solutions that oftentimes diverge from and sometimes challenge the mainstream narrative disseminated from the Euro-American academy.